VOITLÄNDER GmbH & Co. KG, Mineralölwerk


    • Company type:
      • Distributor
      • Manufacturer
    • Year founded:
    • 1843
    • Employees (at the site):
    • 25
    • Turnover range:
    • not available
    • Products/services:
    • Oils; Mineral oils; Moulding oils; Formwork release oils; Hydraulic oils; Corrosion prevention; Engine oils; Gear oils; Grease; Compressor oils; Cutting oils; Metal processing oils; Hardening oils; Synthetic oils; Synthetic lubricates; Silicon oils; Adhesive oils; Biological saw chain oils; Saw chain oils; Special oils; Turbine oils; Bed channel oils; Sliding channel oils; White oils; Sewing machine oils; Loom oils; Chiller oils; Paraffin oils; Spindle oils

    • Core competencies:
    • Oil, mineral oil, molding oil, casting oil, hydraulic oil, corrosion prevention, engine oil, gear oil, grease, compressor oil, cutting oil, metal treatment oil, hardeining oil, synthetic oil, synthetic lubricate, silicon oil, adhesion oil, biological chain saw oil, chain saw oil, special oil, turbine oil, tracking oil, gliding oil, white oil, sewing machine oil, loom oil, chilling machine oil, Paraffin oil, spindle oil

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Automotive Industry: Plastics, elastomers and chemicals
      • Chemical Industry: Lubricants and additives
      • Mechanical Engineering Industry: Plastics processing and die casting
      • New Materials: Plastics
    • Industries NACE:
      • 19.20: Manufacture of refined petroleum products
    • Certification:
    • not available

    • Sales markets - target industries:
    • Bauindustrie, Metallbe- u. verarbeitung, Automobilindustrie, Holzindustrie.......
    • Sales markets - target countries:
    • not available
    • Cooperation offers:
    • not available
    • Contact person:
    • Rolf Voitländer sen. (Mr.)
      - Management

      Rolf Voitlaender jr. (Mr.)
      - Sales / marketing