Medical Care

First-Class Treatment

Getting healthy by first-class treatment - The quality of the Bavarian health services sets worldwide standards. With their services hospitals provide top service. The excellently structured range of rehabilitation measures are diversified, highly specialized, of outstanding quality and are rarely found anywhere else. Bavaria captures a leading position in health research and medical technology

Medical Fields and Hospitals

A sick person should be able to enjoy the best of everything. Bavaria - the "Medical Valley" of Europe - is recognized worldwide as a location for health and rehabilitation as well as for well-being and tourism. Bavarians hospitals provide top service in cardiology, cardiac surgery, orthopaedics and child oncology to name just a few.

Therapeutic baths and wellness

The line between health spa and holiday is blurred in Bavaria. Modern and traditional, comfortably furnished hotels pamper health spa patients and holidaymakers with luxury and comfort. Therapeutic baths and health resorts are situated in the most beautiful recuperation, sporting and recreational regions.

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