10 reasons for mechanical engineering from Bavaria


There is no way around mechanical engineering. Bavarian companies are leaders in developing solutions for future issues. Due to a number of factors, Bavarian mechanical engineers are creating innovative technologies that are internationally renowned.

1.       Competence from tradition

Knowledge needs strong roots in order to bear fruit. We in Bavaria have more than 150 years of experience in mechanical engineering. Several medium-sized companies that were founded here have passed their know-how down through the generations to implement their technical expertise in highly-competitive products. Today, more than 500 mechanical engineering companies are located in Bavaria; some are global players and there is also a variety of “hidden champions”.

2.       Thrust through innovation

Innovation is the engine for the development of competitive products. A company can only expand and hold its market position long term through constant development and optimization. Bavarian mechanical engineers know that. In 2010 alone, they invested 1.5 billion euros in research and development. The particular strengths of “Machinery Made in Bavaria” For us, the power of innovation goes hand in hand with the ability to adapt to the needs and requirements of customers in an optimal way.

3.       Abundance of offers

Due to an industrial and service sector that is as strong as it is differentiated, there is a huge selection on offer in Germany, and in no German state is it as large as in Bavaria. This is especially true for mechanical engineering. As a rule, even highly-specialized customer requirements can be met here. Here, the principle has always been: “there is a solution for everything.”

4.       Education and advanced training

Education in Bavaria is the best in Germany. The comprehensive training at schools and universities creates the foundation for companies to be equipped with excellent technical and management personnel. The rich range of qualification and advanced training measures is often used and promoted here - in the spirit of lifelong learning - to sustain the productivity and quality of Bavarian companies.

5.       “Made in Bavaria” quality

Bavarian mechanical engineering does not meet any quality standards, it sets them- we are known for this around the world. The use of optimally-adapted procedures, quality controls at every stage of production as well as working towards the maximum durability of our products guarantees maximum reliability and ensures a long-term co-operation with our customers, often for decades

6.       Strong service

The most important measure is customer satisfaction. This also includes a co-operation that goes far beyond pure business transactions. Another strength of Bavarian companies: We will ensure a steady supply of spare parts, exchange information with our customers and strive to include your experience with our products in our development and manufacturing processes.

7.       Sustained by connectivity

The high number of family-run companies in Bavaria and a traditionally strong mutual sense of responsibility between company owners and employees guarantee a high level of motivation and close association with the business. The public representation of business figures is not the only thing that counts here. The goal is always to ensure the long-term success of the company.

8.       Structures that pave the way

The better the infrastructure the easier it is to build up networks: In hardly any other region of Europe is this as feasible to achieve as in Bavaria. Bavaria has two international airports and an outstandingly developed railway and road network at both a local and regional level: this does not only make it easier for companies to collaborate across all sectors but also allows for a close interlink between industry, public and private research institutes, schools and universities. 

9.       Key to high technology

Bavaria is one of the most successful technology locations worldwide. Whether biotechnology and environmental technology, IT, electrical engineering or renewable energy, manufacturing, research or development: A variety of (leading) companies in these sectors are based in Bavaria. The quality of the Bavarian mechanical engineering forms the basis. As a result, Bavaria can maintain and expand its advantage of success over other locations.

10.   Attractiveness as an argument

It is mostly, but not exclusively, hard factors that determine the quality of a location. However, Bavaria offers a wide range of additional plus points that add to the region’s attractiveness: beautiful unspoilt nature, a high standard of living, a variety of cultural attractions, and the open-mindedness and hospitality of the people. All of this is also reflected in our products.