10 reasons for Bavarian food productions and hotel industries


Bavaria is famous for its natural beauty, its healthy and flavourful agricultural products and the hospitality of its hotels and local restaurants. Whether as a tourist destination or as a production location - Bavaria is known worldwide for superior service and excellent quality.

1.       Quality and diversity

Bavaria has always stood for quality and diversity in terms of its products and services, but also for the beauty of the region. The entire cycle of food production, gastronomy and hospitality represents this. Bavarian food and beverage industries have customers all over the world. What is more: people from all over the world come here to enjoy Bavarian hospitality.

2.       The best of our country

Agriculture has a centuries-old tradition in Bavaria. The diverse landscape, beautiful surroundings, fertile soil and pleasant temperate climate offer the best conditions for agriculture and livestock even today. The fact that the agricultural sector in Bavaria has lost none of its appeal over time lies in the quality, taste and nutritional value of its products that are appreciated everywhere.

3.       Popular with gourmet nations

In 2009, sales from the food production industry in Bavaria amounted to nearly 23 billion euros; over 7.5 billion euros of Bavarian agricultural and food products were exported. As a result, Bavaria was the only German state to export more food goods than it imported. The major importers predominantly include the classical “gourmet nations” of Italy, Austria and France. Could there be better proof of how much our products are appreciated abroad?

4.       Well over 80 million visitors

The way to the heart is through the stomach. So it is hardly surprising that the strength of the Bavarian agricultural and food production sector is associated with the worldwide popularity of Bavaria as a holiday destination. Well over 80 million overnight stays per year speak for themselves. Above all, Bavaria represents natural surroundings, fresh air and excellent hospitality.

5.       Comprehensive service, excellent hospitality

Nearly 200,000 employees, more than four percent of all employees in Bavaria as a whole, work in the restaurant industry and cater to the welfare of their guests. Their hospitality, combined with a high degree of professional service, ensures that visitors feel at home.

6.       Bavaria, land of specialities

Traditional diversity packaged in the smallest of areas - this is one of the strengths of Bavarian culture. Whether cultural and scenic, economical or geographical: this diversity is reflected in our region. When it comes to culinary specialities, there is always something to discover. Whether Franc wine or Bavarian beer, pork knuckle, or sausages.

 7.       A rich selection for everyone

For us, diversity in the food production and hotel and restaurant industries means that there is an extensive, broadly-differentiated selection in each service sector. But it also means that every guest - gourmet or hearty cooking fan, hostel or hotel guest - will benefit from this broad palette of options.

8.       First-class research

To ensure a consistently high level of food quality and thus a healthy diet, the support of broad-based scientific and research work is essential. With the Technical University of Munich’s Weihenstephan Science Centre, the University of Bayreuth, the Cluster Ernährung [Nutrition Cluster] and the Fraunhofer Institute, Bavaria has world-renowned facilities for the improvement, quality assurance and quality control of food products.

9.       Health care fit for a king

The place where kings and emperors once came for treatment is now a competence centre with health care, open to guests worldwide. Bavaria offers more than 60 resorts and spas - the best conditions to prevent illnesses and also improve the well-being of body, mind and soul. Together with its high-quality sports, nutrition and relaxation programmes, Bavaria is a health and wellness location par excellence.

10.    Number one in Germany

Bavaria is Germany’s number one holiday destination. Over 570,000 beds, nearly a quarter of all beds in Germany, are available here in over 13,000 hotels.