10 reasons for industrial technology from Bavaria

Bavaria is one of the most attractive locations for industry in Europe. The economic structure of Bavaria is characterised in particular by small and medium enterprises. Beside the well-known global players such as Adidas and BMW they contribute mainly to the economic success of Bavaria.

1. Competence from tradition

Bavaria has a modern, efficient economy. Bavaria is a modern industrial location and can at the same time look back on a long tradition. With a gross domestic product of 446 billion Bavaria ranks above 19 of the 28 EU member states.

2. Industry has a future

Industry is the driving force behind economic development in Bavaria. Over one quarter of the gross added value of Bavaria is achieved by approximately 7,500 companies in the manufacturing industry with almost 1.2 million employees. Bavarian industries are greatly divided into various areas of competence. Bavaria has a strong, richly diversified industrial and services sector. The huge offering ranges from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering, environmental and energy technology, medical technology and also includes the building trade and logistics.

3. Core competences

Automotive manufacturing is one of the core competences of Bavarian industry and has a long tradition. Renowned automotive manufacturers are located in Bavaria, such as Audi in Ingolstadt and BMW in Munich. The automotive industry is Bavaria’s strongest industrial sector in terms of revenue. A strong supplier network has also been formed. In Bavaria there is a total of around 1,000 companies operating in the automotive sector, including well-known suppliers such as Brose, Webasto and Leoni as well as many highly-specialised medium-sized companies.

4. The customer comes first

In the entrepreneurial mentality in Bavarian companies, the customer comes first. Only by knowing and understanding the needs of the customer is it possible to offer products and services which fulfil the customer’s wishes. Small and medium-sized enterprises from Bavaria are particularly able to address and fulfil the individual wishes of their customers. They are very flexible and highly innovative.

5. Education pays

Bavaria has an efficient education system. Good training begins at school, because school children and apprentices are the skilled workers and engineers of the future. In addition to university education it is above all the so-called ‘Duale Ausbildung’ – Dual Vocational Education and Training that ensures superbly trained specialised staff. It is not only the basis for success but has meanwhile also become a real hit also outside Germany.

6. Research & Innovation

Science and research form the foundation stone for future economic success. Bavaria has a multitude of internationally renowned universities, research institutes and company facilities. They train qualified junior staff and offer interesting cooperation opportunities for innovative companies. This includes renowned science institutes such as the Max-Planck Society and the Fraunhofer Societies. The expenditures on R&D account for around 2.8% of the GDP. This puts Bavaria at the top of the global players in this field.

7. Strength thanks to networking

The Bavarian state government launched the cluster initiative in order to make the cluster approach practical to use, above all for the small and medium-sized companies in Bavaria. Through a dense network, they can rely on research institutes, specialised suppliers and specialised workers. They contribute towards developing marketable products from ideas at an even faster pace. With a current number of around 5,000 companies, the clusters have developed into important players in the Bavarian innovation landscape.

8. Energy production and energy efficiency

An efficient use of resources and energy-efficient production play an important role in Bavaria, where the percentage of renewable energy is constantly on the rise. Bavarian companies are strong when it comes to the planning and implementation of energy production technology such as biomass, wind power and geothermal systems and the continuous optimisation of their production processes.

9. Good infrastructure

The better the infrastructure the easier it is to build up networks: In hardly any other region of Europe is this as feasible to achieve as in Bavaria. Bavaria has two international airports and an outstandingly developed railway and road network at both local and regional level: this does not only make it easier for companies to collaborate across all sectors but also allows for a close interlink between industry, public and private research institutes, schools and universities.

10. High appeal

Great importance is placed on a policy of sustainability in Bavaria. The Bavarian landscape with its clean lakes, rivers and forests is proof of an intact ecological system, thanks to the distinct appreciation of nature in Bavaria in addition to the use of successfully applied solutions from local environmental industries. Bavaria is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and the most popular holiday region in Germany. That makes Bavaria twice as attractive for companies as a business location.