Work in Bavaria

Would you like to work in Bavaria? With the EU blue card, Bavaria has made it possible for highly qualified people to stay here for a limited period. You can obtain the EU blue card if

  • you have graduated from a German university,
  • you have a recognised foreign university degree,
  • you have a foreign university degree which is comparable with a German degree and 
  • you reach a certain minimum wage with the job you have been offered. 

Work in Bavaria

Taking up employment in Germany
The Federal Employment Agency provides a list of the essentially important legal provisions and instructions for taking up employment in Germany or for employing a foreign worker. 

Visa requirements 
Information on visa requirements can be obtained from the Foreign Office in Berlin. All information is listed on the website of the Ministry under "Entry and residence". 



Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is regulated in Germany by a central reference at the IHK FOSA (Foreign Skills Approval) located in Nuremberg, and is the starting point for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications which fall within the competence of the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Further information can be found here 

Make it in Germany – an initiative of the Federal Government

A new initiative of the Federal Government for skilled workers puts together important initial information on a multilingual welcome portal

The portal shows:

  • How skilled workers can successfully prepare for their arrival and integration.
  • Under which conditions skilled workers take up a job in Germany (Quick Check) and how they can go about finding work.
  • In which sectors and regions skilled workers are needed.
  • Current job offers in so-called 'bottleneck professions'.
  • International skilled workers who make a career in Germany. They report on their experiences at work and in everyday life.
  • Contact details for German institutes worldwide.