Foreign Skills Approval (FOSA)

Do you have a professional qualification and wish to work in Bavaria? You can have this checked and approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) FOSA (Foreign Skills Approval). The IHK FOSA accepts applications for approval and checks them to ascertain to what extent the foreign qualifications can be classified on the same level as corresponding German qualifications. The national headquarters of the IHK FOSA are in Nuremberg.

Who can apply?
Anyone who has trained for a job abroad, regardless of their nationality and residence status

How does the procedure work and how long does it take?
The IHK FOSA checks for any discrepancies between the foreign and the German professional qualification, and compares the length and contents of the training. Any professional experience and further training courses are taken into consideration. The procedure takes no longer than three months.



How much does it cost?

The fee for the procedure comes to between 100 and 600 euros depending on the amount of time it takes.

Contact IHK FOSA

For any jobs that require training and do not fall within the area of competence of the IHKs, the applicant must contact the relevant offices. These can be found on the portal.