10 reasons for multimedia from Bavaria

Bavaria is Germany’s top location for media and amongst the best in Europe. Quality, know-how and creativity are decisive features of the Bavarian media landscape. The combination of traditional firms and small start-ups creates a dynamic and innovative business environment - the ideal prerequisite for global success.

1.       Concentrated multimedia competence

Bavaria has one of the largest concentrations of media companies in Europe and more importantly, is connected to an amazing variety of different media segments. Nearly 30,000 businesses are located here, including producers and production companies for film, radio and television, a variety of TV and radio stations, studios for animation and sound effects, classic internet companies, creative software developers and game designers.

2.       Media region with tradition

Even in the young media industry, Bavaria has a long tradition; the expertise of companies is highly developed as is the experience and potential of their staff. The history of Bavaria Film Studios goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, making it almost as old as the mass-product film itself. Or Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI): Cameras and film technology products have been manufactured here since 1917. The result of this early industry concentration was that more and more media companies have settled in the region over the past few decades.

3.       Numerous broadcasters and productive production companies

To date, more than 50 national and international TV stations have settled in Bavaria - about a third of all local stations nationwide; this is in addition to an enormous variety of local, regional and international radio stations. The production companies that supply their partners and customers around the clock are correspondingly numerous and powerful and have also made Bavaria one of the most popular and successful partners in international co-productions.

4.       Magnet for creativity

The introduction of commercial television as well as the advent of computer technology and the Internet have led to an explosive growth in demand for new media content and formats. Today, the Bavarian capital of Munich, with sales of 70 billion euros and 250,000 employees in the sector, is THE information, communication and media location in Germany and acts as a magnet for the creative minds in the industry both nationally and internationally.

5.       Efficient suppliers from pre-to post-production

The production of high-quality visual or audiovisual content requires suppliers that are able to deliver powerful “state of the art” technology from pre-to post-production. This applies to traditional media as well as the computer games of today’s generation. As a renowned high-tech centre, Bavaria combines all of these advantages and provides the conditions that meet the highest standards of technology and content.

6.       Qualification is the basis

The strength of the Bavarian media services sector is grounded in the excellent educational and training opportunities in the region. A large number of public and private schools. Universities and academies, courses and seminars for all specialities and applications create a permanent supply of highly-qualified recruits for all trades in the industry here. As a result, Bavaria has been able to continuously expand its role as an outstanding media location in Germany.

7.       Growth at world-class level

The variety and combination of the positive location factors ensure that “Made in Bavaria” media content and formats are always at the highest international level. The production of high-quality content and the expanded technical capabilities here propel one another forward and create space and growth for new products. Many foreign companies - including media companies operating internationally that have settled in the region - can benefit from these strengths.

8.       Multimedia economic and financial factor

The figures speak for themselves: Bavaria’s proportion of value creation in the broadcasting industry is 25 percent. And: more than 40 percent of nationwide sales of all film industry production companies are achieved in Munich. A targeted regional and communal incentive structure and a large circle of financially-strong investors whose support allows new and promising projects to continue to be made is of central significance for this economic dominance.

9.       Stereo 3D productions and digital platforms

Munich is not only the media centre of Bavaria; it is also the capital of stereo 3D productions. Creative and technically-savvy minds have decisively influenced the format here. Bavaria is also top in the development of digital platforms in Germany. One of the largest European companies for pay-TV and video on demand has its headquarters here. Even more exciting: no other region in the world has a more concentrated number of Oscars in the category “Technical Achievement” (“Academy Technical Achievement Awards”) as Bavaria.

10.   Unparalleled in combination

Economic and tourist region, media stronghold and technology centre, creative and financial strength, lifestyle and corporate culture: There is hardly any region in the world that possesses such an abundance of positive factors and features as Bavaria. That is also the secret to our performance, the diversity and quality of our products, and their continued success on the national and international market.