The Free State of Bavaria

The free state of Bavaria is located in south Germany. With a gross domestic product of 446 billion euros, it surpasses 19 of the 28 EU member states. The economic performance of 36.865 euros per inhabitant is also well above the German and European average (as of 2012).

Bavaria enjoys an outstanding position in many fields:

  • In almost all new technologies Bavaria ranks at the top, nationally and internationally
  • Bavaria occupies 1st place in the insurance business and 2nd place in the banking sector in Germany
  • Bavaria occupies the top place for tourism in Germany
  • Both the Munich and Nuremberg exhibition centres are of global importance
  • Bavaria offers outstanding facilities in transport, telecomms and energy



Argentina / Brazil / Chile / Colombia

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Argentina / Brazil / Chile / Colombia

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Germany / Bavaria

Ländervergleich Germany / Bavaria

Export Prize Bavaria 2014

Each year in November, during the Bavarian Export day exhibition, the Minister for Economic Affairs awards the Bavarian Export Prize to small companies with up to 50 full-time workers. This honours companies which have successfully opened up new markets, showing particular entrepreneurial achievements and openness to innovation. The aim of this award is to make these small companies better known and help them to market their products.

Export Prize winners 2014

Industry category:rohi stoffe GmbH
Skilled craft category:Oberhaizinger GmbH
Services category:Snow Leopard Projects GmbH
Trade category: IMAGO The German Eyeware Connection GmbH

Bavaria the global player

Bavaria is today one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. This is mainly due to the contribution of globally successful enterprises, efficient skilled craft industries and innovative small and medium-sized businesses.

Over 20% of leading German companies have their roots in Bavaria. The following groups (Source: Manager Magazin 2010) are examples of market leaders in their technological field and product ranges: 

ADIDAS world’s second largest manufacturer of sport items
ALLIANZ world’s largest insurance group
BMW world’s largest manufacturer of premium vehicles
EADS world’s second largest aerospace and airline company
LINDE gobal leader in the gas and engineering sector
PUMA world’s third largest manufacturer of sports items
SIEMENS global leader in the fields of industry, energy & healthcare
MAN global leader in the construction of diesel engines
WACKER global leader in the development of cyclodextrins