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80992 München

2k produktentwicklung Koentopp + Kargl GbR

The company 2k product development is an engineering service provider for the development of high-quality consumer goods and capital goods. The...

86159 Augsburg

3DMT Emil Azar, Daniel Heggenstaller GbR

not available

87439 Kempten (Allgäu)

3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH

Software for the programming of industrial controllers (PLC, CNC) according to the standard IEC 61113-3. The company is the manufacturer of the...

93309 Kelheim

A. & C. Kosik GmbH

Special machines for the fleece production

87497 Wertach

A. Berger GmbH & Co. Präzisions-Maschinenbauteile KG

Development, production and distribution of machine parts and ready to assemble componentes for the general machine building industry, small and...

82054 Sauerlach

A. Schweiger GmbH

Cable production for tools and machines; Cable production; Systems supplier and service provider for wiring of machines; Manufacturing of devices;...

80339 München

A.L.L. Lasertechnik GmbH

Laser treatment; Laser cutting; Water-jet laser cutting; Job order production; Cutting metals, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, foils;...

97702 Münnerstadt

A.O. Rohrwerkzeug GmbH

Pipe pulling devices ; Tube beading machines, boiler tube beading machines ; Tube expanders

86159 Augsburg

aam IT GmbH

not available

91126 Schwabach

AAN Apparate- und Anlagentechnik Nürnberg GmbH

We consult, project, deliver and mount in the field of heat technology and vacuum technology. The manufacturing of our products is implemented by...

90429 Nürnberg

AAT Aston GmbH

Cable cutting machines ; Crimping machines ; Crimping tools ; Stripping pliers

84085 Langquaid

ABITRON Germany GmbH

Radio remote controls; Construction Radio Remote Control,Radio remote controls; serial interfaces; BUS-Systems; CAN-BUS; Profi-BUS; RS 232; EX...

85399 Hallbergmoos

ABS Hydraulik-Service GmbH

Repair and sales of hydraulic components Production and sales of spare parts

83355 Grabenstätt / Chiemsee

AC Elektro GmbH

Energy saving equipment for large electrical motors. High-speed power quality systems for industrial users. Special equipment for security...

81241 München


ACCRETECH Europe GmbH offers products for industrial metrology, such as form and surface measuring instruments and state-of-the-art equipment for the...

84307 Eggenfelden

ACS-Control-System GmbH

Limit switches (end switch, position switch); Opto-electronic switches; Pressure guards; Rotation guards; Fill level guards; Level guards; Light...

90402 Nürnberg

Adcam Technologies GmbH

Development and marketing of an NC-Programming system for machining production like drilling; milling and turning. Also development of surrounding...

91301 Forchheim

AdPoS Advanced Power Systems GmbH & Co. KG

We are your competent partner for all questions with regard to electricity supply. From our headquarters in Forchheim we supply our customers...

83123 Amerang

Advantest Europe Systems GmbH

not available

90762 Fürth


We manufacture sensors for gas analysis for medical, health and sports markets. E.g. measure oxygen, carbon dioxide and flow rates quickly and...

86919 Utting a. Ammersee

Aehr Test Systems GmbH

Aehr Test Systems is a worldwide provider of systems for burning-in and testing memory and logic integrated circuits and has an installed base of...

91052 Erlangen

AENEA Meß- und Steuerungssysteme GmbH

peak load optimization for energy users power and energy metering systems production data acquisition systems (PDA) special metering systems for...

82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Aero-Laser GmbH Limited Liability Corporation for Gas Analysis

monitors for detection of gases and gas analytics: - hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) monitor - formaldehyde (HCHO) analyzer for gaseous and liquid samples...

82008 Unterhaching

Aerolas GmbH

Air bearings and air guided drives for the semi conductor, electronics, and flat panel production

90763 Fürth

Aerotech GmbH

Rotary tables ; Tables, rectangular compound

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