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87700 Memmingen

3SL PacTec GmbH & Co KG

not available

81379 München

A. Saumweber GmbH

Butter; Puff pastry butter, butterfat, AMF, concentrated butter, Butter-blends, oils; fats; bio products

87662 Kaltental

A. u. G. Hofer

not available

87727 Babenhausen

ABS GmbH - Anlagenbau & Betriebstechnik Schex

Our range of services includes consulting, planning, engineering, supplying, facility construction, commissioning and training as well as the...

91732 Merkendorf

Abwasser König - Ingenieurbüro für betriebliches Abwasser

The focus of the engineering offices, Abwasser König is the treatment of waste water from the Food and Beverage industry. Technologies / Research...

94342 Irlbach

Ackermann Saatzucht GmbH & Co. KG

not available

97359 Schwarzach a. Main

Aczél GmbH

not available

83313 Siegsdorf

Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH

Adelholzener Alpenquellen has its home in the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany. It is here that the Company produces medicinal water, mineral water...

87671 Ronsberg

Adolf Baur GmbH

not available

93057 Regensburg

Agrar Impex GmbH

Exclusively high-quality products are traded at home and abroad, such as sunflower seeds BAKERY, poppy seeds, Styrian pumpkin seeds, linseed, yeast,...

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