Wiba Koordinationsstelle der Wasserstoff-Initiative Bayern


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    • Since 1997, around 30 projects with a financial amount of approximately 75 million EUR received part-funding. These projects cover a wide range of topics, e.g. hydrogen generation, hydrogen logistics and storage, as well as the development and application of fuel cells, including all required system components. Examples:
      - Hydrogen project at Munich airport: 13 companies realise the electrolytic production, storage and refuelling of gaseous hydrogen, together with the first public robot-operated refuelling station for liquid hydrogen worldwide. - Stationary fuel cells (PAFC and MCFC) are in development and tested by Bavarian manufacturers and utilities. Especially applications with high effiecient combined heat and power or tri-generation are a matter of particular interest.

    • Core competencies:
    • Bavarian Hydrogen Initiative (Wasserstoff-Initiative Bayern wiba) was established in 1996 by the Bavarian Ministry of State for Economy, Transport and Technology with the intention of promoting innovative hydrogen energy technology in Bavaria. The wiba coordination center was established at the Research Institute for Energy Economy (Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V.) in Munich and has the following tasks: Initiation of hydrogen and fuel cell projects in Bavaria;
      Support of companies during project conception; Public relations on the subject of hydrogen energy technology; Formulation of a long-term strategy for the promotion of hydrogen energy technology; Cooperation with other initiatives, within the national H2 and FC strategy group (HYBERT), at the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform and Internnational Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy; Energy economic analyses on the subjects of hydrogen production, logistics and application, as well as fuel cells.

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    • Die Koordinationsstelle der Wasserstoff-Initiative Bayern initiiert und betreut Projekte in Bayern. Darüber hinaus ist sie national wie international ein anerkannter und vielgefragter Ansprechpartner.
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    • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wagner (Mr.)
      - Management