Universität Bayreuth -Lehrstuhl Physikalische Chemie I


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    • Small-angle scattering from polymers and colloids-
      investigation of form and structure characteristics
      Characterization of dissolved polymers- molecular weight,
      particle size, internal structures, ordering phenomena
      Modeling of polymers and colloid particles-
      comparison of experiment with results of computer simulation
      Adsorption of catalytic active substances like metal nanoparticles
      or enzymes in colloidal systems
      Rheology of dispersions- investigation of dynamic properties
      Small-angle x-ray scattering on solids and solutions (Kratky-Compact-
      Dynamic and static light scattering (Peters ALV 5000, 6000)
      Zeta-potential measurements (Malvern Instruments Zetasizer Nano ZS)
      Rheometrics for frequences between 0,001 and 77000 Hz
      Physica MCR 301
      UV / VIS-spectrometry
      FT- IR-spectrometry
      Fluorescence measurement
      Micro calorimetry
      Photo reactors
      Computer simulation

    • Core competencies:
    • Fields of research:
      production and characterization of polymer solutions and colloidal dispersions.
      Main topic:
      investigation of intra- and inter-particle interactions within latex molecules, since this is an essential parameter for the stability of polymer dispersions. The interactions can be tuned depending on requirements for further processing and for applications, such as filming, redispersity, breaking strength, and thermo stability.

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    • Chinese
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      • Chemical Industry
      • Nanotechnology
      • New Materials
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    • Das Institut arbeitet u. a. für die Sektoren: - Kunststoff-Polymer-/ Papier-/ Keramik-/ Textil-/ Glas-/Waschmittel-/ Pharmazie-/ Kosmetik-/ Automobilindustrie - Neue Materialien Regional, National, International
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    • Prof. Dr. Stephan Förster (Mr.)
      - Management
      - Research & development