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      • Education & Training
      • Research & Development
    • Year founded:
    • 1993
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    • 'Preference SQL' implements a middleware component to run efficiently algorithms inplementing our well-defined preference theory and relying on SQL. Up to date, these applications are realized: personalized delivery of media content in e-commerce or m-commerce, preference based recommender system for outdoor activities in the area of tourism, business intelligence (BI) queries driven by client models, activity planning with respect to spatial and temporal preferences and global restrictions.
      'R-Pref' is written in 'R' implementing the preference theory as well as Preference SQL. Many powerful packages of R (e.g. visualization, statistics) facilitate the rapid evaluation of use cases as stand-alone application. Thus, the early feedback by the results guarantees the acceptance of clients as well as the agile design of application-specific preferences. Consulting, design, and implementation of preference-based applications are offered according to the client's goals.

    • Core competencies:
    • Preference based database systems and search engines, personalized information systems, cooperative man-machine-interaction and agent systems, preference mining, innovative database applications for electronic / mobile commerce, digital libraries, efficient component based middleware for multimedia internet services, preference based database systems for mobile personalized geo applications.
      Our research covers a wide area from the creation of new theoretical foundations to the development of efficient prototypes. In innovative pilot projects we work together with industrial partners. By the way, often interdisciplinary cooperations are founded.
      Preference SQL is a middleware based implementation combining the well-known SQL standard as well as the theoretical foundations of preferences. Thus always the best suited results with respect to the involved preferences are delivered ignoring worse results and thus reducing the information overload.

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    • English
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      • Information Technology
      • Media
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    • Any promising applications are welcome! Well, you should know a little bit about your clients as their likes and dislikes, any temporal or spatial preferences. Even any input by the context which is not modelled inside the database system may serve as a trigger to adapt adequately any preference according to a causal model. Consulting for preference based applications or database systems is also offered to pave the way for better results leading to a better degree of consumer satisfaction.
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    • Prof. Dr. Werner Kießling (Mr.)
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