Technische Universität München Wissenschaftszentrum Straubing Lehrstuhl für Chemie Biogener Rohstoffe


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    • Nowadays the industrial chemistry is based almost exclusively on crude oil. For the future it will be essential to produce increasing amounts of chemicals also from renewable resources, i.e. biomass, due to the sustainable subsistence strategy and hence to establish a

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    • Our major skill is on white biotechnology. We develop and optimize biocatalysts (enzymes, cells or microorganisms) and biocatalytic processes, i.e. fermentation, using microbiological, molecular biological and biochemical methods. By means of biocatalysts chemical recations and processes can be directed target-oriented with much lower energy consumption and therfore in a more sustainable way.
      Furthermore our works focus on the selective pre-treatment of feedstock to yield special ingredients and also on conventional chemical catalysis. The latter is directed on the development of new homogeneous catalyts especially for the conversion of renwable resources.

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    • Doris Schieder (Mrs.)
      - Research & development

      Prof. Dr. Volker Sieber (Mr.)
      - Management