Technische Universität München - Lehrstuhl für Fördertechnik Materialfluss


    • Organisation type:
      • Education & Training
      • Technological Consultancy
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    • Products/services:
    • Planning and Simulation:
      - Simulation of material flow and logistic systems (eMPlant), visualisation of complex logistics structures in our own VR-Laboratory
      - Material flow analyses; planning of warehouse systems, order picking systems and material flow systems; designing of performance specification and tender documents
      - Factory and location planning
      -Execution of acceptance tests, performance evaluation and availability tests
      - Planning and realisation of AutoID systems in our own laboratory

      Method of calculation:
      - Static and dynamic analysis of materials handling equipment (NODYA, IDEAS, ANSYS)
      - Dynamic analysis of devices using multibody simulation (ADAMS)

      Further development of material flow systems:
      - Engineering of prototypes, development of hard- and software
      - Dimensioning of high-capacity screw conveyors for bulk materials
      - Designing and engineering of materials handling components using 2D- and 3D-CAD (AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, CATIA)

      Research and development in the areas:
      Human modeling (human models, Anthropometry),
      IT geared human modelling (system ergonomics).
      Product design (vehicles, machines, controls, software, vehicle seats) concerning performance, usability, comfort and disconvenience
      Workplace design (working instruments design, health protection, optimisation of physical demands)

    • Core competencies:
    • Material flow and logistics:
      - Application of the augmented reality technology in material flow and logistic systems
      - Digital Planning of material flow systems and logistic network
      - Modelling and simulation of material flow systems
      - Changeable material flow systems and factory structures, modelling and planning of adaptive logistics structures
      - Stand alone, decentral vehicle control systems
      - Innovative structures for physical material flow systems
      - Planning and realisation of AutoID systems

      Construction of cranes:
      - Development of FEM calculation methods
      - Automatic and database supported calculation methods
      - Logistics of construction site

      Bulk materials:
      - Empirical determination of mechanical properties for dimensioning of high-capacity screw conveyors
      - Calculation methods for screw conveyors

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Automotive Industry
      • Logistics
      • Mechanical Engineering Industry
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    • Contact person:
    • Prof. Dr. -Ing. Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Willibald A. Günthner (Mr.)
      - Management