Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum/DFG-Forschungszentrum für Experimentelle Biomedizin


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    • The Rudolf Virchow Center is a DFG-Research-Center for Experimental Biomedicin and belongs to the University of Würzburg. Ten Groups are working on proteins which are on key positions in our organisms. These proteins are responsible for some of the major diseases. Our goal is to understand function and structure of this proteins to develop new ways in therapie. Field of Research: Cardiovascular-Diseases, Cancer and Auto-immune-Diseases.

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    • Our Researchers have skills in new technologies like single-molecule-microscopie, Massspectrometrie or molecular modelling, but also with established technologies like mouse-pathologie, transgen techniques and DNA-Array.

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      • Biotechnology
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    • Kristina Kessler (Mrs.)
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      Karl-Norbert Klotz (Mr.)
      - Management

      Prof. Dr. Martin Lohse (Mr.)
      - Research & development