• Company type:
      • Manufacturer
      • Service Provider
    • Year founded:
    • 1951
    • Employees (at the site):
    • 125
    • Turnover range:
    • 5m - <10m EUR
    • Products/services:
    • Waste water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants for surface treatment; Electropolishing equipment; Pickling agents for stainless steel; Electrolytic polishing plants; Electropolishing of stainless steel; Acid and caustic solution recycling plants; Neutralization plants; Passivating; Chemical deburring; Chemical polishing; Pickling; Anodizing of titanium materials; Coating ofg metal surfaces; Subcontract work

    • Core competencies:
    • POLIGRAT is leading in development and application of special treatments for chemical and electrochemical refining of metal surfaces for
      - decorative purposes (shine, smoothness, colour)
      - surfaces without burr and particles
      - optimizing of technical and functional attributes such as smoothness, corrosion resistance,
      cleaning ability, purity etc.
      - sharpening of cutting edges
      POLIGRAT-methods are successfully used worldwide, although the surfaces of complex formed workpieces have to be sufficient to highest standards in functionality or appearance and their manufacturing should be safe and economic. Our process spectrum contains of
      - electropolishing
      - chemical deburring and polishing
      - pickling and passivation
      - colouring (of High-Grade Steel, Titanium and Zirkonium)
      POLIGRAT is working out solutions on sample pieces due to details of our customers as well as delivery of chemicals and plants, wage work in-house or on site and an own mechanical production.

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Mechanical Engineering Industry: Plant engineering and construction
      • New Materials: Chemicals
      • New Materials: Miscellaneous surface treatments
      • New Materials: Surface treatment plants and equipments
      • New Materials: Technical services for surface technology
    • Industries NACE:
      • 25.61: Treatment and coating of metals
    • Certification:
    • DIN ISO 9001:2000

    • Sales markets - target industries:
    • Automobilbranche, Automobilzulieferer, Pharma-, Papier- und Lebensmittelindustrie, Atomindustrie; Medizintechnik; Apparate- und Maschinenbau
    • Sales markets - target countries:
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Croatia
      • Czech Republic
      • Denmark
      • France
      • Germany
      • Hungary
      • Ireland
      • Netherlands
      • Norway
      • Poland
      • Slovakia
      • Spain
      • Switzerland
      • United Kingdom
      • United States
    • Cooperation offers:
    • not available
    • Contact person:
    • Matthias Schnippe (Mr.)
      - Management

      Siegfried Pießlinger-Schweiger (Mr.)
      - Management
      - Cooperation