• Company type:
      • Distributor
      • Service Provider
    • Year founded:
    • 1960
    • Employees (at the site):
    • 150
    • Turnover range:
    • 10m - <50m EUR
    • Products/services:
    • Individual processes for individual products
      From knowledgeable consulting and precise design and development to a wide range of processing-options of technical and decorative laminates or various special material: at ISOVOLTA, a high degree of flexibility goes hand in hand with first-class quality - even if the tasks are complex.
      •Modern machining centres
      •Innovative machining-options
      •International machining sites
      •Global customer-relations
      Custom-made processes for individual products
      In accordance with customer demands and wishes, ISOVOLTA offers the further processing of thermoset materials in addition to manufacturing high-quality laminates in the forms of sheets, tubes and rods.
      Different materials are shaped through various processes such as sawing, grinding, drilling, turning, milling, gluing, mounting, punching, waterjet cutting or varnishing according to individual customer specifications.

    • Core competencies:
    • ISOVOLTA – Composite Materials - Machining offers more than "just" service.
      Part of ISOVOLTA´s company philosophy is to turn every product visualised by our customers into reality through dedicated service. To understand the specific requirements and individual wishes is the most important step towards the finished product. Therefore, each process begins with a thorough consultation or requirement analysis which is as important for one-off or prototype productions as it is for mass productions of complex components.
      At ISOVOLTA, our comprehensive service is based on the excellent expert knowledge of materials, which is implemented by a highly motivated and qualified team. Almost 40 years of processing experience also entail a high degree of continuity and professionalism, which are reflected in each and every product.
      Thanks to our customer-oriented approach and flexibility, one-off productions or modifications, if necessary, can be implemented and delivered within just one workday.

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Automotive Industry: Drive train components
      • Electrical Engineering & Electronics: Materials and semi-finished products
      • Medical Technology: NMR, CT, PET, 3D-Imaging
      • New Materials: Composites
      • New Materials: Miscellaneous materials
      • New Materials: Plastics
      • Railway Technology: Electrical components and equipment
    • Industries NACE:
      • 22: Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
    • Certification:
    • Zertifiziert nach DIN ISO

    • Sales markets - target industries:
    • Maschinenbau Medizintechnik Lötrahmenfertigung Elektrobranche Isolierbranche Transformatorenbau Forschung und Entwicklung Windkraft Verkehrstechnik
    • Sales markets - target countries:
      • Australia
      • Austria
      • Belgium
      • Brazil
      • Bulgaria
      • China
      • Czech Republic
      • France
      • Hungary
      • Israel
      • Netherlands
      • Norway
      • Slovakia
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • United States
    • Cooperation offers:
    • not available
    • Contact person:
    • Simon Strähl (Mr.)
      - Management

      Gregor Müller (Mr.)
      - Sales / marketing
      - Cooperation