HSM Stahl- und Metallhandel GmbH


    • Company type:
      • Distributor
      • Service Provider
    • Year founded:
    • 1993
    • Employees (at the site):
    • 43
    • Turnover range:
    • not available
    • Products/services:
    • Your System Supplier - HSM® supports your supply chain process
      As a system supplier we purchase a wide material range, which we deliver in exactly your required form and dimension and at precisely the time, you need the material for your production.
      HSM® means to you:
      You don´t have any problems with your steel and metal requirements.
      HSM® is your purchase: Functioning as the extended arm of purchase of our customers we manage to solve even tough purchasing problems.
      HSM® is your stock: You receive the needed semi finished/ finished products at short notice and on schedule right at your machine.
      HSM® is your machine: We support our customers as extended work bench both with simple processing and with complex finished parts.
      HSM® is your logistics: Whether it is air freight, special freight, urgent deliveries or courier carriage, we supply the material for our customers at the correct time to the correct place.
      HSM® is your partner: We help you with any kind of needs.

    • Core competencies:
    • Maximum availability of all kind of materials
      High-grade steel and high-quality structural steel >>
      Tool steel >>
      Stainless steel >>
      Non-ferrous metals >>
      High performance material >>
      like nickel alloys, titanium, special materials
      We have specialised in unusual needs and can procure the rods, plates, sheet metal, bands, pipes and profiles you need as well as forged parts in various materials, grades, dimensions and cuts.
      Tubes/ pipes & accessories
      Bars/ rods
      Forged parts

      We support you as an extended workbench
      Your opportunities:
      production according your drawings
      machining of high-performance materials
      prototypes / small series
      heat treating

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Energy Technology: Boilers, turbines, motors, pumps and compressors
      • Mechanical Engineering Industry: Power transmission engineering
      • New Materials: Non-ferrous metals and metal products
    • Certification:
    • Qualitätszertifizierungen
      DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 >>
      KTA 1401 nach E.ON Kernkraft >>
      Darüber hinaus ist HSM von Großunternehmen auditiert und auch selbst umstempelberechtigt (Abnahmen nach EN 10204 – 3.1 und 3.2)

    • Sales markets - target industries:
    • Energietechnik (Solar-, Wind-, Wasser-, Kernenergie)Turbinenbau, Kraftwerksbau, Transformatorenbau, Offshore Umwelttechnik Medizintechnik Chemie, Petrochemie Maschinenbau Antriebstechnik Lebensmitteltechnik Verpackungstechnik Werkzeug- und Formenbau
    • Sales markets - target countries:
      • Austria
      • Brazil
      • Canada
      • China
      • Czech Republic
      • Denmark
      • Egypt
      • Finland
      • France
      • Germany
      • Hungary
      • Iran, Islamic Republic of
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Lithuania
      • Luxembourg
      • Netherlands
      • Norway
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Turkey
      • United Kingdom
      • United States
    • Cooperation offers:
    • not available