Credo-tech Christoph Klein eK


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      • Manufacturer
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    • Credo-tech provides you winding solutions and support

      Air Coil
      Audio Transformer
      CMC Common Mode Choke
      Coil design
      Converter Transformer
      Corona Transformer
      Core Lamination
      CT Current Sense Transformer
      Current Comensation Choke
      Distribution Transformers
      EI, EE, EF, EFD, EDT, RM, UI core
      EMI Filter
      Energy Storage Choke
      Ferrite Core
      Forward Converter
      HF Transformer
      Interlocking lamination
      Insulating Transformer
      Lamination stacking
      Modem Transformer
      Noise Suppression Choke
      PCB mounting Print Transformer
      3 Phase Transformer
      Single Phase Transformer
      Power Choke
      Power Inductor
      Power Transformer
      RFI choke
      RFID coil
      Rodin coil
      Rogowski coils
      Signal Line EMI Suppression
      Silicon Toroidal Core
      SMT/SMD inductors
      Switch Mode Power Supplies
      Storage Choke
      Toroidal Core
      Toroidal Transformer
      Three Phase transformer

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    • English
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      • Energy Technology: Electrical engineering
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    • Christoph Klein (Mr.)
      - Management