baseclick GmbH


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      • Manufacturer
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    • The baseclick IP was generated at the University of Munich in the group of Prof. Thomas Carell. Core technology of our company is the modification of nucleic acids via click chemistry. baseclick holds the IP for the technology and offers this for licensing, purchasing of our products, and cooperation for the further development. We provide innovative products to improve and enhance your research in the fields of: Oligonucleotide-, DNA- and RNA-labeling; PCR assays, cell proliferation assays, FISH probes, Bioconjugation and many more.

      Free Nucleosides
      Fluorescent Dye Azides
      Fluorescent Dye Alkynes
      Non-Fluorescent Azides
      Non-Fluorescent Alkynes
      PEG and Linker Azides
      PEG and Linker Alkynes
      Amino Acid Azides
      Dendron Azides
      BaseClick™-Kit (Oligonucleotides and DNA)
      PCR Labeling Kits
      Oligo Labeling Kits
      EdU Cell Proliferation

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    • English
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      • Biotechnology: Biotechnological reagents
      • Biotechnology: Molecular diagnostics for humans
      • Chemical Industry: Diagnostic and laboratory reagents
      • Chemical Industry: Organic basic chemicals
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    • Dr. Thomas Frischmuth (Mr.)
      - Management