2bind GmbH


    • Company type:
      • Research & Development
      • Service Provider
    • Year founded:
    • 2011
    • Employees (at the site):
    • not available
    • Turnover range:
    • <5m EUR
    • Products/services:
    • 2bind - From Stability to Affiniy.

      The 2bind GmbH offers different biophysical analytical services.:

      1. Labelfree nanoDSF Assays to characterize protein folding and stability:

      Stability screening assays:
      – Puffer screening assay
      – Detergenzien screening

      Biophysical characterization of:
      – Antibody + Antibody-drug conjugates
      – multiple domain folding transitions

      – Long term stability of proteins
      – gforced degradation of proteins

      Ligand screening assays

      2. Fluorescent and labelfree MicroScale Thermophoresis analyses to study molecular interactions of any kind.

      – Analysis of ...
      ... Binding affinities,
      ... Stoichiometry and
      ... Binding Energetics

      – HT Screening assays to identify binding partners
      – competition assays
      – Assays with multiple binding partners
      – Serum Stability assays

      Benefit from our sophisticated biophysical analyses!

    • Core competencies:
    • Our Team at 2bind is composed of Biochemists, Biologist and biotechnologist with PhD and without.

      Our main knowledge lies in protein and nucleic acid biochemistry, in the characterization of protein folding and stabilty and in the analysis of molecular interactions in terms of binding affinities, stoichiometries and binding energetics. In addition, we have an expertise in protein expression, purification and protein labelling.

      Our key technologies are the innovative nanoDSF and MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST).

    • Language skills:
    • English
    • Key Tech / section:
      • Biotechnology: Analytics and separation technology
      • Biotechnology: Contract research (CROs) and contract manufacturing (CMOs)
      • Biotechnology: Therapeutic drug development
    • Certification:
    • not available

    • Sales markets - target industries:
    • Unsere Kunden sind vorwiegend Pharmafirmen, Biotechfirmen und Universitäre Partner, die in den Bereichen: Wirkstoffforschung, Antikörper-Entwicklung und Aptamerforschung arbeiten
    • Sales markets - target countries:
    • not available
    • Cooperation offers:
    • We offer cooperations in research and development. Main subjects are the characterization of protein folding and stability and the characterization of molecular interactions of any kind
    • Contact person:
    • Dr. Thomas Schubert (Mr.)
      - Management
      - Research & development