Facts and Figures - Top-level Network of Expertise

Europe’s “Medical Valley” is in Bavaria. Here there are established centres of expertise of world standing; here close networks of outstanding scientists and doctors are working on the medical successes of today and tomorrow. 

Registered hospitals

Round about 390 registered hospitals offer a comprehensive and state of the art health care infrastructure in Bavaria. They ensure a comprehensive range of services, the very latest standards of diagnosis and treatment. Specialised centres provide highly specialised care for breast cancer patients, stroke patients, cases of severe burns and high-risk newborn babies, for instance, as well as for heart surgery.

Between 1972 and 2007 the Free State of Bavaria invested more than 18 billion euros in funding hospitals. In addition substantial sums were spent on technical facilities for clinics, particularly large-scale medical engineering equipment.

Preventive care, rehabilitation and gentle medicine

In the field of rehabilitation Bavaria’s healthcare structure is practically the only one of its kind in the world. About 300 health ressorts and rehabilitation facilities with over 30,000 beds interlink in a dense healthcare network. There is practically no other example in the world of such a comprehensive and specialised provision of quality rehabilitation. On top of that Bavaria’s 47 prime-rated therapheutic baths provide a unique value proposition in the field of gentle health medicine and preventive care.

Basic research

Besides the clinical research groups, some 20 special research departments at Bavaria’s universities are working on (bio-)medical questions. Under its Future and High-Tech Offensive, so far the Bavarian State Government has made around 400 million euros available for university medicine and health research.

Medical engineering

Many of the world’s biggest-selling medical engineering and pharmaceutical firms come from Bavaria or have their head offices or branches here. Bavaria’s 250-plus mostly medium-sized companies bundle corporate expertise in medical engineering like no other region in Europe. Bavaria produces over 60 per cent of all the electromedical equipment and 30 per cent of the entire medical engineering in Germany.

Health as the market of the future

The health sector and fitness and health tourism are key branches of the Bavarian economy. At a “State of Health” Bavaria is a highly promising and trend-setting capital. In the summer of 2005 the Bavarian State Government passed a package of measures to develop this potential systematically and globally and to position itself strategically in international competition. These measures included forming regional health clusters to promote the interlinking of the medicine, technology, health and tourism sectors in the Free State.