10 reasons for Health Economy and Life Sciences

Bavaria offers …

1... innovation & tradition
around 250 small and medium sized companies in Bavaria carry out research and development alongside and together with the large global players of medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. A contribution to this network is given, last but not least, by the clusters Medical Valley in Erlangen and the Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. as the largest network of the health industry in Germany and Europe.

2... quality & productivity
quality and productivity – Bavaria’s medical technology gets products rapidly ready for the market. Companies operating in the sector achieve over 50 percent of their turnover with products which are no more than three years old. Bavaria also offers the best manufacturing conditions for medical technology due to the many industrial sectors operating in Bavaria, the production and research of which are valuable also for medical technology. These include sectors such as mechatronics, I&C technology and photonics/optics.

3... research & investments
Many universities in Bavaria prove a high level of competence in the area of medical technology. Examples are the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg with its centre for medical physics and technology, the University Clinic of Regensburg with its telemedical centre and the Technical University of Munich with ist department of medical technology. In addition to universities, Bavaria also has organizations such as the Innovation Centre for Therapeutic Medical Technology (ITEM GmbH) in Garching, which make valuable contributions to research in medical technology.

4... medical technology – a growing market
For the global market, which is currently worth around 200 billion Euros, annual growth rates of over 7 percent per year are expected. This is a huge bene?t for Bavaria’s medical worldwide technology companies. Around 70 percent of their products are exported to numerous countries.

5... top class medical-clinical infrastructure
400 authorized hospitals for acute care, 48,000 doctors, 10,000 dentists and 285 occupational or rehabilitation facilities. Bavaria combines these “hard” location factors in a unique way with a healthy, intact nature, which makes the stay in Bavaria for patients as health enhancing as possible.

6... recovery & well-being
47 highly rated health spas and health resorts inBavaria enable rehabilitation and relaxation with gentle treatment methods.

7... a home for patients
the ?rst-rate treatment and gentle care provided in Bavaria by internationally renowned doctors and specialists in all divisions offer an unprecedented network of medical care, tailored specially to the needs of guests from various countries.

8... shopping & experience
“Live and let live” is the motto of Bavarian conviviality. Bavarian food is a gourmet’s delight whilst the cultural scene offers endless leisure opportunities – from Alpine sports to luxury shopping facilities and visits to museums, galleries and opera houses.

9 ...pure nature
with superb mountains right at the doorstep, a magni?cent low mountain range just around the corner and fairytale-like rivers and lakes nearby, surrounded by forests. Historic cities with original Bavarian charm and cosmopolitan ?air at the same time.

10... international airports
two modern, international airports in Munich and Nuremberg are global turntables which pave an easy, safe and smooth way into Bavaria for visitors, patients and investors alike.