10 reasons for environmental and technology industry in Bavaria

Bavarian companies provide innovative technologies and services that exist worldwide using a variety of factors.

1. A1 location for key technologies

Increasing the quality of life, the responsible use of our natural resources, and the conservation of natural habitats for us and our future generations: With the solutions they offer, they have developed environmental technology into a globally-recognized key sector with high growth potential within a few years. Bavaria has helped shape this development from the beginning and is now one of the strongest locations for environmental and energy technology worldwide.

2. Central industry of the future

Approximately 60,000 employees generate annual sales of an estimated twelve billion euros: the production of environmental protection goods, both qualitatively and quantitatively, has long been one of the decisive economic factors in the state of Bavaria. Both in the number of employees as well as in the sales figures, this corresponds to approximately twenty percent of total German revenue. The level of performance respective to the environmental management field places Bavaria in a top position when comparing on a national level.

3. Innovation for the world market

An unusually high level of innovation associated with typical German ingenuity creates ideal conditions here in order to successfully meet the technical challenges in this forward-looking sector in particular. The highest quality standards and broad-based technical and scientific know-how form the very best foundations. With an export ratio of nearly forty percent, Bavarian environmental technology company products are some of the most successful in the world market.

4. Patented dynamics

The variety and quality of patents are an important indicator of economic dynamism and strength of innovation in a region. In Bavaria, 63 percent of all patenting companies hold patents on their own technological sector in the environmental industry. At the same time, patent applications in renewable energies and renewable resources also continuously increase, such as for new developments in the biomass and fuel cell field and in the solar technology industry.

5. The power of the middle class

The strong middle class and the large number of small and medium-sized companies are among the economic factors for which Germany and especially Bavaria receives worldwide recognition: this is especially true for the field of environmental technology. Bavaria alone has over 2,500 medium-sized businesses in this sector: in drinking- and wastewater treatment, in the construction of electric cars, and in the fast-growing solar technology industry such as in the development of specific measurement methods for the energy sector.

6. Concentrated scientific competence

Bavaria is one of the leading European research facility locations in the field of environmental technology. Seven universities, ten colleges which include a number of world-renowned institutions such as the Helmholtz Institute, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute, the Kompetenzzentrum für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe [Competence Centre for Renewable Resources] and others offer a unique concentration of scientific competence and create the best training and educational opportunities through their partially cross-disciplinary network

7. Training trump card

The strength of the Bavarian economy is based, as is the entire key technologies sector, on a training and education system that has been proven over decades.. This applies to both the scientific and academic superstructure with its strong interdisciplinary orientation as well as the training of skilled workers and employees. They benefit from what is known as the “dual system” in Germany, which connects the theoretical basics with practical professional activities.

8. Policy as a partner

“New products, new businesses, new markets” - is the guiding principle of Bavarian economic policy. That these words are put into action can also be seen in the success of Bavarian environmental technology. The State of Bavaria has created the best conditions for domestic and foreign companies with an uncomplicated administration favourable to medium-sized businesses and the creation of attractive location and employment conditions. This includes targeted incentives for the long-term support of research, education and network structures.

9. Best connections in the heart of Europe

A functioning infrastructure that has historically evolved to air, water and land is one of the primary conditions in securing competitive advantages in global competition. With its superbly developed road network, the international airports of Munich and Nuremberg, and its densely-developed regional and national rail network, Bavaria offers the best connections to all national and European regions from the heart of Europe.

10. Twice as attractive

The diversity of the Bavarian landscape, the cleanliness of its lakes, rivers and forests are evidence of an intact, carefully-guarded ecological balance. Thus it offers not only an example of the appreciation for the region’s natural beauty, but is also partly the result of successfully-applied solutions from the domestic environmental economy. For companies in this area that makes Bavaria twice as attractive.