10 reasons for Bavarian construction industry

The Bavarian construction industry is a high-tech industry. With the excellent knowledge and skills of its structural engineers, its modern construction methods and highly-trained contracting specialists, it creates high-quality buildings, each custom-made individually. It especially contributes to enabling mobility for people and goods by building highly efficient transport infrastructures. The construction industry is a key industry, creating real value which is a prerequisite for growth and prosperity.

1.       Construction companies that are sought after worldwide

The greatest possible sustainability and planning reliability, organization and “Made in Germany” quality: the German construction industry is a sought-after partner worldwide for the implementation of large infrastructure projects. Conclusive figures reflect how its strengths are valued around the globe: the Bavarian construction industry has increaed its sales by over 12% and increased employment by nearly 3% since 2005.  

2.       Technology, logistics and infrastructure at the highest level

Whether the construction of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland, the gigantic dam projects in Africa or the planning of a hyper-modern airport building in the Middle East, Bavarian companies are involved in building infrastructure all over the world. Construction technology knowledge and experience at the highest level as well as a high degree of logistical competence provide them with a number of advantages over the competition when carrying out major projects abroad.

3.       Broad networking - for the sake of quality

The more extensive a building project, and the higher the degree of complexity and number of trades involved, the more important it is to be able to rely on functioning networks. This is why the Bayerischen Bauindustrieverband [Bavarian Construction Industry Association] has initiated project-based collaborations and partnerships with companies in the domestic construction industry.

4.       Leader in energy production and efficiency

Energy efficient - and where possible renewable - production to help preserve our natural resources: this is one of the most important global missions of the 21st century. Bavarian companies are among the technology leaders in the planning and implementation of structures for energy production, particularly in wind power and geothermal energy systems. Along with other German companies, they also play a leading role in the development of system solutions for energetic renovation projects and the energy-efficient construction of new buildings.

5.       Promotion and research

Competence develops when knowledge and experience is steered in the right direction using the appropriate infrastructure. There is traditionally a close contact between the Bavarian construction industry and the major engineering schools in the country, which promotes this exchange of knowledge and experience in an optimal way. The development of innovative types of concrete, low-noise asphalt for road construction or high-strength lanes for high-speed rail lines, for example, are supported on a broad basis.

 6.       Encounters and education

The best example of a systematic exchange of information and the furthering of education and training is the Oskar von Miller Forum, a Bavarian construction industry foundation, which sees itself as a national and international meeting forum for civil engineering and architecture students and visiting scientists. In the two Bayerischen Bauindustrieverband construction industry centres, apprentices are trained, trainee programmes for further education and training in the building trades are offered, and international education initiatives are supported.

7.       Think PPP

In the past two decades, public-private partnership has proven to be an alternative in the planning and implementation of large infrastructure projects in many ways. Especially in times of strictly regulated budgetary discipline and the need for broader risk distribution, the Bavarian construction industry has developed deep expertise in the successful implementation of PPP projects together with its public partners. Our specialist and advisory competence is correspondingly high in this field

8.       Structural engineers and construction workers - very well-trained

Bavarian structural engineers are among the best in their field - worldwide. Another plus for German construction companies is the high professional quality of their construction workers. The “dual system” in which they were trained not only teaches them practical skills in the business, but also provides advance training in operational theory and practice. Foreign investors benefit from Bavarian companies’ high level of training. They are therefore able to provide high-quality solutions with maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

9.       Sustainability - for the sake of the customer and the project

Bavarian construction companies think long-term, both in terms of the sustainability of their work and their cooperation with other companies or institutions. After all, only a successfully-completed job guarantees the customer’s satisfaction and as a result, potential repeat business. Furthermore, their knowledge and professional versatility allow them to find complex and highly innovative solutions for infrastructure projects in other geographical regions without simultaneously increasing the project risk.

10.   Attractiveness as a natural add-on

It is mostly, but not exclusively, hard factors that determine the quality of a location. However, Bavaria offers a wide range of additional plus points that add to the region’s attractiveness: beautiful unspoilt nature, a high standard of living, a variety of cultural attractions, and the open-mindedness and hospitality of the people. All of this is also reflected in our products.