Bavarian conviviality and joie de vivre can be found everywhere – in traditional beer gardens, at merry wine festivals or at any one of a vast range of cultural events hardly equalled for their quality and variety.

The Bavarian capital, together with numerous mediaeval towns and fortresses, magnificent castles and baroque churches, spread throughout the state, provide the perfect backdrop for both folklore and opera festivals alike.

Located in the heart of Europe, Bavaria is the perfect all-year-round holiday destination for guests from all over the world. The state comprises four very distinct tourist regions: Allgäu/Bavarian-Swabia, Upper Bavaria, Eastern Bavaria and Franconia.

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Sun-drenched Allgäu is a colourful paradise of pure relaxation with gently rolling Alpine foothills, crystal clear lakes, lush green meadows and mountain peaks. A place for restoration of both body and soul, it is a land of phenomenal beauty. Little wonder that King Ludwig II chose the Allgäu in which to realise his dream of a Utopian world and build his fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein.

But the Allgäu is also an paradise for anyone looking for a more active holiday. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, water sports or skiing, you will never be at a loss for something to do in the Allgäu.

Upper Bavaria

Magnificent mountain scenery, gently rolling foothills, moraine hills, far-reaching plains, rivers and some 200 lakes make this region particularly spectacular. Upper Bavaria – 16 areas of unique diversification, towns full of art and culture, with the state capital and cultural centre of Munich at the fore, and a wealth of world-class things to see.

Upper Bavaria has an excellent variety of museums and art exhibitions. A number of world-class painters, including Marc and Kandinsky, lived and worked in Upper Bavaria.

Anyone looking for a bit of rejuvenation and relaxation is in the right place. The range of sports and leisure activities on offer is also comprehensive, ranging from extreme sports to gentle strolls, swimming and cycle tours.

Eastern Bavaria

Natural beauty, limestone cliffs and drip-stone caves, halcyon river valleys, deciduous forests of all colours and hues, crystal clear lakes and stunning panoramas. Comprising the largest area of forestation in Central Europe, Eastern Bavaria is home to Europe’s green canopy, comprising the Bavarian Forest, the Upper Palatinate Forest, the Bavarian Jura and Southern Lower Bavaria.

The Danube and the towns along its banks form a cultural vein flowing right through Eastern Bavaria. State-of-the-art town life in perfect harmony with historical monuments dominated by some of the most impressive sacred buildings ever built, such as St. Peter’s Cathedral in Regensburg, or the highest brick tower in the world situated in Landshut, and spectacular baroque buildings in Passau and Waldsassen.


A fascinating holiday region comprising 15 very distinct areas. Nowhere else are there so many – 140 in total – charming cities and towns fashioned over centuries by European art and history.

Franconia has a total of 9 national parks. These parks contain a wealth of forests, rivers and lakes, mountains and meadows, sun drenched wine slopes and extensive hiking areas.

Dine like lords! Enjoy a dry, light, refreshing Sylvaner from the wine growing areas along the river Main or a glass of golden beer. After all, no other area anywhere in the world has a higher concentration of breweries than Franconia.